Why You Should Upgrade to Acrobat DC Pro Today!

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Upgrade to Acrobat DC Pro for Great New Features

Adobe has recently released Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, the newest version of its popular PDF software tool. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro takes several steps beyond the capabilities of Acrobat XI Pro. Acrobat XI Pro is already a phenomenal program that allows users to create, edit and interact with PDF files, but there is always room for improvement! The following details some of the differences between Acrobat DC Pro and Acrobat XI Pro that will make you want to upgrade immediately!

1.) Sign and Collect Forms From a Mobile Phone

Acrobat DC Pro allows users to sign and complete PDF forms from a computer or a mobile phone. This option provides users with a high level of convenience when they are on the go. Personalized autofill collection storage has been added to the program as well.

2.) Turn Paper Documents in PDFs

You can now easily convert a paper document into PDF form. Just snap a picture of the document with your phone or tablet and Acrobat DC Pro will convert it to a searchable PDF file.

3.) Editing PDFs Is Easier Than Ever

Acrobat DC Pro has a swarm of additional tools in its editing and interaction menus. Users can run a spell check on a document and make corrections with the software. They can export files with high-quality formatting in place. They can remove backgrounds and reflow text without having to work with individual paragraphs. And the new Acrobat DC works on touch screen phones and tablets!

4.) 508 Compliance and Accessibility

Two new accessibility options are available for DC users. First, DC users can have their PDF files read aloud on their Mac computers because the version comes with VoiceOver support. Adobe added Dynamic Background Adjustment so that users could read the text easier as well.

5.) Cloud Services and Storage

The “DC” in Acrobat DC Pro stands for Document Cloud. So, just like it sounds, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro offers cloud services so that users can manage their content in the cloud.

Ready to Switch to Acrobat DC Pro? Get Training!

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