2018 Social Media for Government Training Course! 

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At ThinkB!G, we are excited to bring you a year of new courses, new skills, and new success! 

Today we are launching our 2018 Social Media for Government Training Course! Social Media is now fast becoming a critical channel for communications, internally and externally. Our two-day, hands-on training course is designed for Government users to get skilled on Social Media!

Social Media for Government Training Course - Join us for our latest course offering, and you will learn the government social media best practices, practical applications, and standards. Explore overall social media goals, content strategy, platforms and content appropriate for your target audience, keyword research and applying SEO for all government social media posts. Gain an understanding of how to monitor accounts, use Google Analytics Social Reports to track social media metrics, and how to ensure your social media content meets Section 508 Accessibility. 

Social Media for Government Training Course Infographic - Step-by-Step Guide to Social Media Strategy & Value
WHAT is Social Media for Government?

Social Media is the method in Government used to distribute content to online communications platforms, including its use for agency-wide communications with the public, as well as community-based input and feedback, interactions, news, and sharing of content!

WHY Use Social Media for Government?
  • Ease of Communication
  • Spreads Information
  • Better Citizen Engagement & Customer Service 
  • Brand Recognition
  • Emergency Response
  • and many more!
WHO Uses Social Media?
  • Government Agencies, Commercial, Non-Profit, and Education Institutions
  • Citizens & Individuals use social media for personal or professional use to locate, share, and/or receive information
  • Public Affairs Specialists, Social Media Managers, Social Media Specialists, Social Media Coordinators, Communication Specialists, New Media Specialists, Digital Marketers, Web Developers, Social Media Writers, and others
Are you interested in Social Media for Government Training?

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