Just Launched!  Apple macOS Mojave Training, Certification, BootCamp

Apple Mojave Launch Banner

ThinkB!G is thrilled to be launching our hands-on Training & Certification Classes for Apple's NEW macOS MOJAVE!

The Mojave series of classes below includes, a Basics End User Training for New Users & Existing Users Migrating to the New macOS, and a Support Essentials 10.14 Apple Official Curriculum Training & Certification course.

A combo 5-Day BootCamp is available for these two new classes!

If you need to train your team, organizing a Private, Onsite, and/or Custom classes are available, just reach out to us!


macOS-Mojave Basics Logo NEW! macOS Mojave Basics 2-Day Class

New users or previous Windows PC users will become proficient in working with and using a Mac computer and the macOS. Students will learn the foundational understanding of using macOS Mojave. 

Public Dates: March 25-26, June 24-25, July 22-23, Aug 26-27, Sept 23-24, Oct 21-22.

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macOS Mojave Support Essentials Logo

NEW! macOS Support Essentials 10.14 - Mojave 101 3-Day Class

Certification Pack Offered! Learn how to use macOS Mojave tools and resources to troubleshoot the macOS, new features, and more! Course # APL-MAC101-140

Public Dates: March 27-29, May 28-30, June 26-28, July 24-26, Aug 28-30, Sept 11-13, Sept 25-27, Oct 23-25, Dec 4-6.    

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macOS Mojave Bootcamp LogoNEW! macOS Mojave BootCamp (Mojave Basics + Support Essentials 10.14) 5-Day Class

Certification Pack Offered! This course is a 5-Day BootCamp combining the macOS Mojave Basics & macOS Support Essentials 10.14 - Mojave 101 courses. 

Public Dates: March 25-29, June 24-28, July 22-26, Aug 26-30, Sept 23-27, Oct 21-25. 

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